Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saturday - February 21, 2015

Went out today - once around 10:30 this morning and then again at 3:30 when I thought the sun might show its face.  First stop was behind Speedboat on St John and then the end of Southfield and Jefferson.  There was snow in the morning and nothing in the afternoon, even the sun decided to go back in and hide. The day was snowy and over-cast.

Some of the photos I managed were either planned or happened by accident.  In the case of the Scaup, I was actually trying to photograph the Merganser when the Scaup decided to take flight.  Not very good photos but I like the effect.  The Canvasback coming in for a landing, there was a pole to the left of the duck and I thought it got in the way of me capturing the flight in.  Also not a good photo but I got it.

The rest of these were the planned photos.  I had time to focus and shoot.

Canvasbacks (Males above, Female below)

Goldeneye (Males above, female below)

Redheads (Female above, male below) 


Red-breasted Merganser

A pool of Common Mergansers

I may not have seen Eagles that day at the foot of Southfield but the ducks were a pleasure to see and photograph.


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  1. Patricia, your photos are outstanding! May I ask what kind of camera and lens you are using? (I'm a southeastern Michigan person too - just getting back into birding and photography a bit - Monroe area)