Sunday, May 25, 2014

Magee Marsh - May 23, 2014

Decided to give myself a long weekend, so I took my last floating holiday (not to worry still have 20 vacations days to take) and go down to Magee Marsh this morning.  I wasn't sure what I was going to see there since I don't know how long the birds hang around after the biggest week of birding ends.

The first photo taken was a family of geese (photographed 5 babies - there were 6 the other one was closer to mom).  I saw Canada Warblers, Wilson's Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Baltimore Orioles, Yellow Warblers, American Red-starts (female), Warbling Vireo's, Common Yellow-throats, Prothonotary Warbler, Gray Catbird, House Wrens, Thrush (not sure which one) and three Night Hawks (all in different locations).

Here's what I photographed:

Baltimore Oriole

Canada Warbler

Gray Catbird

House Wren

Night Hawk

Prothonotary Warbler

Wilson's Warbler

Yellow Warbler
Tomorrow Greenfield Village...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Detroit Zoo - part 2 - May 18, 2014

This is part 2 of the photos taken at the Detroit Zoo.  This isn't all of the photos taken, but these are the ones worth showing.

Ricky, Clare and Charlie - Thank you for a Great Day

African Spoonbill

African Zebra

Binturang (Body of a Bear - Face of a Cat - I don't get the tail)


Bush Dog

Chilean Flamingo's

Red-faced Chimpanzee

Cinereous Vultures

Crested Screamers

Crey Crowned Cranes

Kudu (female)

Razor-back Gorilla

Red Panda

White Rhino's

Large Anteater
If you haven't been to the Detroit Zoo yet - you really need to go.  There were a lot more animals there, unfortunately a lot of them were sleeping and photographing a sleeper didn't make sense to me. It was a fun time and I enjoyed myself.  I will definitely go back this year.  

Detroit Zoo - May 18, 2014

With Mother's Day behind us the kids and I decided to either go to Greenfield Village or the Detroit Zoo.  Since I hadn't been to the zoo in a long time the choice was made.  Greenfield Village would have to wait until next weekend. 

I was very impressed by how clean the zoo was and how well the animals looked, it certainly didn't look like the zoo I knew.

With camera in tow I took pictures of probably every animal there - well maybe I missed a few.  Really should leave some for next visit, especially the Butterfly and Bird House.

Here is a sample of what you will find in the Butterfly and Bird House:

African Monarch

Jambu Fruit Dove (male)
Long-wing, Tiger

Long-wing, Hewitsoni

Long-wing, Tiger

Morpho, Blue

Red-billed Leiothrix (would like to go back just to get a cleaner photo)

Tiger-wing, Cream Spotted

Bare-faced Curassow
Because this post would probably go on forever, I've decided to do this in two. Now let's move on to my second post for the Zoo - the Animals...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Magee Marsh - Friday May 9, 2014

This was my first time at Magee Marsh for the Biggest Week of Birding.  I have seen pictures of the crowded boardwalk and the crowded parking lot but just never imagined how intense it gets out there. This was definitely worth taking a couple of days off from work for. 

Here is what I managed to get photos of:

American Red-start

Baltimore Oriole

Black and White Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler (female)

Black-throated Blue Warbler (male)

Black-throated Green Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo

Cape May Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Gray-cheeked Thrush

Least Flycatcher

Magnolia Warbler

Mourning Warbler

Northern Parula

Nashville Warbler


Red-eye Vireo

Warbling Vireo

Wilson Warbler (not very good photo but good for ID)

Yellow Warbler

Yellow-rump Warbler

Canada Warbler (not a good photo but good for ID)
A few others photographed but shown: Woodcock (nesting), Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male & female), Gray Catbird and the Bald Eagle.
Next stop Detroit Zoo.