Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Day, New Month - March 2, 2015

What a difference a couple days make and the weather.  Saturday there were Eagles, ducks, swans, and some exciting moments.  Today there are two (2) Eagles in the trees, a whole lot of Mute Swans, the number of ducks is starting to dwindle and sea gulls.  Since everything seems to be flying in I've decided to try and capture some in flight photos (I'll still take some sitting pretty shots too just in case the in flight doesn't work).

The highlight of this outing was when this big sea gull appeared.  I've seen it before but only briefly back in December at the Monroe Power Plant during the Monroe Bird Count.  Since I couldn't remember what kind it was and the two gentlemen that were out there with me, Jim and Kevin wanted to know I immediately called the one person who would know, Jerry Jourdan.

A Great Black-backed Gull - larger than any other gull.  I t appears that this guys bill is broken but the red spot on it is suppose to be there.

To catch the ducks in flight you really need to be watching - I mean they come flying in quickly (at least to me they seem to) but I did manage a couple of shots that I am quite pleased with.
Common Merganser

Great Blue Heron  (almost missed this shot)

This Scaup caught me off guard
And a couple of sure gotten photos
Common Mergansers (female and male)

Redheads (2 female and one male)
I went back out on Wednesday after work only to find a lot of open water and a whole lot of Mute Swans with one Tundra hanging with them.  Very quiet out there.


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  1. It took me long enough but I finally found your blog! Wonderful work, Patricia!