Thursday, March 12, 2015

Right Time, Right Place - March 7, 2015

The weather called for mostly cloudy on Saturday and partly cloudy on Sunday.  I have yet to figure out what the difference is since both days seem to be about the same.  So when the sun came up on Saturday I grabbed my camera and decided to head south.  By south I meant over to Reaume and Roberts Rd at Pte Mouillee.  I headed up Reaume like I always do .  Usually there's a couple of Red-tails that hang out in the trees but recently there's been a Bald Eagle. As I turned the corner the Bald Eagle flew over, I pulled my vehicle over and got out only to have him disappear.  I stood there a while waiting to see if he would come back over and just as I was getting back in to my vehicle it did.  So I stopped again and tried to get a shot as he flew over head.  It wasn't the greatest shot but here it is.

After I took this shot I watched to see if he would turn around but he just kept going south.  I continued down Reaume turned the corner and kept watching the trees. As you get closer to Roberts Rd there's a small area that in the summer time would be the safe haven for a lot of birds because of the fragmites and dead trees.  It almost looks like a driveway might be there.  Unfortunately, people have been dumping there garbage there.

Just as I approached that spot I could see something large sitting on a fallen tree.  To my surprise it was a Great Horned Owl.  I have been so discouraged this year because I hadn't seen any kind of owl so when I came upon this one I made sure I was going to get a photo of him.  I started off on the right side of the road but because of the downed trees branches were in my way to get a clear shot at his face.

I decided to back up and then pull to the left side of the road so I would be sitting right in the entrance of this so-called-driveway.  I opened the door slowly and then slid out of my seat to sit on the door frame.  Then it was snap, snap, snap until he got a little upset with me and flew away.  Unfortunately because of the branches I couldn't get that shot, at least not a clear one.

By the looks of his beak and talons he definitely had either breakfast or lunch. I did go to see if I could find him after he flew off but with no luck, he didn't want to be found.  But from the moment I got this shot it was a very good day.

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